Top 12 Must-have Apps for a Full-time Nomad Life


Queen Tasha

9/12/20233 min read

person holding smartphone reading at 296
person holding smartphone reading at 296
What Apps are you using? Are you ready to learn about the top 12 must-have apps for a full-time nomad life?
Living a nomad life without these apps might be like trying to drive a car with a flat tire. Each app helps you in its unique way. Each app is free to use and can be downloaded from the App Store and Play Store. Here's our Top 12 list of must-have apps for full-time nomads:

1. iOverlander: If you're driving in a new area and need to park your vehicle overnight, iOverlander is the app you need. It's a database of places to park, camp, and access other useful services, such as water and propane. Users can also share their own experiences and photos of parking spots, providing helpful firsthand information. This is my go-to app for finding free parking options in a new place.

2. Planning a cross-country road trip? is the app you need. It provides an estimate of how much gas you'll need for your trip based on your personal MPG under trip settings, and it also helps you plan your itinerary, including the best scenic routes and adding placing to see along your route. It's a great app to use on your tablet or computer while you're planning your trip.

3. Upside: Want to save money on gas? Upside is the app you need. It provides users with discounted gas prices at participating gas stations throughout the country. In addition, users earn cash back for every gallon they purchase. For long road trips this is great because you are constantly filling up so why not earn cash back.

4. Shopkick: You're likely to make pit stops during long drives to grab snacks or restock on supplies, so why not make some money while you're at it? Shopkick rewards you for walking into stores like Walmart and Target, scanning items, and making purchases. You can redeem your rewards for gift cards or cash.

5. Trucker Path: If you're looking for a comprehensive guide to truck stops, Trucker Path is the app you need. The app provides reviews of truck stops across the United States, along with information on available amenities, such as showers and laundry services. You can even filter based on location, cost, and other criteria.

6. Overnight Parking Finder: Need to find a place to park overnight? Overnight Parking Finder is the app you need. The app helps you find Walmart locations that allow overnight parking and provides information on which locations are suitable for large vehicles, such as RVs.

7. Highway Weather: Before hitting the road, you'll want to check the weather to ensure safe driving conditions. Highway Weather provides real-time weather updates, including wind speeds and potential hazards such as storms or fires. You can use the app to plan your route based on the most favorable weather conditions to avoid accidents and delays.

8. AllTrails: If hiking and exploring nature are a big part of your nomad journey, AllTrails has you covered. The app provides trail maps and reviews of hiking trails across the United States, so you can find the perfect hiking spot or trailhead for your next adventure. You can filter by difficulty level, distance, and other criteria to find exactly what you're looking for.

9. The Dyrt: Need to find a place to camp and rest for the night? The Dyrt provides information on paid and free camping spots across the country. You can use the app to filter for RV or tent camping, cabins, and other accommodations. The app also includes reviews from other campers, so you can get an idea of what a campsite is like before you book.

10. RV Life: If you're traveling in an RV, this app provides an extensive list of campgrounds and RV parks across the country. The app also allows you to filter and sort by amenities, such as showers, pet-friendly, and Wi-Fi. You can also use the app to book campsites and keep track of your reservations.

11. RV Parky: Another great app for finding RV parks, RV Parky offers a comprehensive list of campgrounds and RV parks along with information on amenities, costs, and contact details.

12. Loves: If you want to save money on gas and in-store purchases while traveling, Loves is the app you need. The app provides discounts on fuel purchases at Loves gas stations, as well as discounts on in-store purchases, such as food and drinks. It also allows you to find locations with dog parks and RV Hook-ups making it a one-stop-shop for all your road trip needs.

In conclusion, these 12 apps are essential for a stress-free and enjoyable nomadic lifestyle. They make planning, navigating, and experiencing your journey effortless and efficient. Download them today, and hit the road with confidence!