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Full Moon Camping Weekend in Indiana!!

Charles C. Deam Wilderness Black Travel Tribe Free Meetup
September 29 - October 2

Join us for an unforgettable outdoor experience at the Charles C. Deam Wilderness. This meetup is exclusively for members of the Black Travel Tribe.

Event Details:

  • Full Moon Camping

  • Dogs and children are welcome

  • All vehicles and tent campers are welcome

  • The camping location will be disclosed upon RSVP confirmation

  • Please remember to pack in, pack out


  • Hiking

  • Grilling

  • Fishing

  • Karaoke

Additional Information:

  • Alcohol and 420-friendly (please use responsibly)

  • Please be respectful towards nature and fellow campers

  • Leave the campsite better than you found it

Space is limited, so make sure to RSVP as soon as possible to secure your spot.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to connect with fellow travelers and immerse yourself in nature. RSVP now!

We look forward to seeing you there!

macbook pro displaying group of people
macbook pro displaying group of people

Next Virtual Monthly Meeting

Because we can't all meet up on the road, A virtual meetup is the best opportunity to get to know the Tribe.

Friday, October 13th @ 8:00pm

Please Come on Time!

Skype Link Sent in RSVP Confirmation 1 day before the meeting

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