Rolling Into Spring and Summer: A Nomad's Guide to Chasing the Perfect 70s

From Weather Woes to Bug Battles - Unveiling the Secrets of Nomadic Life on Wheels.


Queen Tasha

3/18/20246 min read

white and black helicopter in the forest during daytime
white and black helicopter in the forest during daytime


Hey there fellow nomads, wanderers, and lovers of life on the road! As the winter winds bid us adieu and the days get longer, it's time to rev up those engines and roll into the promise of warmer weather. If, like me, you've been basking in the sun down south during winter, the natural next step is to point your wheels north for the upcoming spring and summer escapades.

In this joyfully rambling blog, I'll take you on a ride through the whimsical world of nomadic life on wheels during the warmer seasons. From the thrill of chasing that perfect 70-degree weather to the nitty-gritty of vehicle maintenance, we'll cover it all. So buckle up, adjust your side mirrors, and let's embark on this journey together!

The Pursuit of 70s

Ah, the sweet spot of 70s – not too hot, not too cold, just the Goldilocks zone for all things nomadic. As the mercury rises, the quest for this temperature nirvana becomes paramount. But where to find it? High altitudes, shaded tree havens, coastal retreats, or the vastness of lakeshores – the options are as diverse as our ever-changing moods.

The Highs and Lows of Altitudes

For those who relish the crisp mountain air, high altitudes are a dream come true. As you ascend, temperatures tend to drop, offering a refreshing escape from the scorching sun. Just be wary of the thin air – it might leave you breathless, quite literally. Don't forget to pack your sense of humor along with your altitude sickness remedies!

Embracing the Shade

Shaded tree coverage, a natural air conditioner for nomads. There's something magical about setting up camp under a canopy of leaves, and it's not just because you can Instagram it. The temperature drop is real, my friends. As you park beneath the branches, you'll find yourself in a natural cool zone, far away from the fiery gaze of the summer sun.

Coastal Bliss and Lakeside Serenity

If salty sea breezes or the soothing sounds of lapping lake waves are your jam, head to the coast or a large lakeside retreat. The moderating effect of the water can turn a potentially sweltering day into a pleasant breeze-filled adventure. Just be prepared for lots of sand in your rig and unwanted bird friends cramping your style.

Envision this: You, parked by the ocean, the rhythmic waves serenading you to sleep. It's like having Poseidon as your personal climate control assistant – a splash of sea mist to beat the heat.

East vs. West: The Battle of Humidity

Now, let's talk about the great East-West rivalry – humidity and rain. The East may have lush landscapes and charming rain showers, but oh, the humidity! Your hair will revolt, and your clothes will stick to you like a second skin. On the flip side, the West may boast dry, arid deserts, but at least your t-shirt won't feel like a wet dishcloth.

In the East, it's a constant battle against the air's insistence on becoming one with your skin. It's like trying to escape a sweaty hug from a particularly affectionate relative.

Out West, it's a dry heat – the kind that turns your sweat into an instant evaporative cool-down system. It's like having your own personal sauna, minus the awkward towel dance.

Vehicle Maintenance and Keeping Your Cool

Coolant Check: Don't Overheat the Adventure

Before you hit the road, pop open that hood and give your vehicle some love. Check the coolant levels – you don't want your engine throwing a tantrum in the middle of nowhere. Think of it as a spa day for your four-wheeled companion.

Henry's Tropicool: Your Roof's New Best Friend

Now, let's talk about beating the heat from the top down. Consider sealing your roof with Henry's Tropicool. It's not just a fancy name; it's a silicone barrier that can keep your home-on-wheels 5-10 degrees cooler than the outside world. That's the kind of VIP treatment your nomadic abode deserves!

Tinted Windows and Reflective Films: Coolness You Can See

If your windows are feeling a bit too transparent for comfort, invest in some tinted film or reflective shades. Not only will you feel like a rockstar driving incognito, but you'll also keep the interior temperature from skyrocketing. Amazon is your one-stop-shop for all your window styling needs.

Picture this: You, cruising down the highway, the world outside oblivious to your cool, shaded interior. It's like having your own mobile VIP lounge, complete with a front-row seat to the changing landscapes.

AC, the Nomad's Guardian Angel

For those lucky enough to have the luxury of plugging in, service your AC unit before the summer heat arrives. A malfunctioning AC in the middle of July is a cruel joke only the nomadic gods would play on us. Check those fuses and ensure your haven on wheels stays as cool as a cucumber.

Imagine this: You, inside your cooled-down haven, as the sun outside tries its best to turn your home into an oven. It's like having a personal ice wizard inside your dashboard, casting spells to keep you comfortable.

The Boondocker's Arsenal: Solar, Batteries, and Cooling Blankets

Now, if you're more of a boondocker or a dry camper, fear not. Arm yourself with solar panels, rechargeable fans, and a battalion of batteries. Invest in a few cooling blankets, trust me, on those scorching nights, a cooling blanket becomes your superhero cape. I wrap myself in mine on hot nights while I sleep – a game changer, indeed.

Canine Comfort: Cooling Mats and Neck Wraps

Let's not forget our furry companions. Dogs might be immune to fashion, but they're not immune to the heat. Equip them with cooling mats, neck wraps, and perhaps their own mini-fans. Try making icy treats or swing by the ice cream shop for a pup cup, these are not only fun treats but help regulate the temp of your pup when it's hot. A happy pup is a cool pup, and a cool pup is a happy road companion.

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs: A Comedy of Pests

Spring cleaning your mobile abode is a must. Creatures sneak in during the winter, and now it's time to set traps for roaches, ants, and other persistent bugs. But the real drama unfolds with mosquitoes, flies, and the notorious no-see-ums.

Electric bug lamps, fly swatters, and salt guns – oh my! Mosquitoes are blood-sucking villains, and my secret weapon is a DIY vodka and lemon eucalyptus bug repellent. I also take Garlic supplements to turn myself into a natural repellent, and this year, I'm testing the dragonfly clip hack. Dragonflies are some of the insect world's most efficient hunters, catching up to 95% of the prey they pursue. Mosquitos, midges, and many flying and biting insects fear dragonflies since they are their primary food source. Brace yourselves, mosquitoes; this nomad is armed and dangerous.

As for those pesky no-see-ums near water, it's a battle. Neem oil becomes the superhero in our story, offering both prevention and after-bite care. It may smell, but when you're a nomad, sacrifices must be made for bug-free bliss.

Strategize Your Journey: Short Trips and Smart Parking

Short Trips for Long Summers

When the sun is blazing, it's not the time to be a road warrior pushing your vehicle to its limits. The mantra for summer travel is "Short and Sweet" – plan for shorter trips. Avoid pushing your vehicle to its limits in scorching heat. My personal rule of thumb is no more than a 5-hour drive time, split into two 2-hour or one 3-hour stretches with ample breaks for both myself and my four-legged companions.

Parking 101: Sun, Shade, and Solar

Master the art of parking for optimal coolness. Shade is the Holy Grail, but if it eludes you, make sure the side getting the full sun blast isn't the one with the most windows. And if you're solar-equipped, consider portable panels and battery systems to park in the shade while keeping your gadgets juiced up.

Picture this: Your nomadic chariot, nestled in the shade of a mighty oak tree, solar panels soaking up the sun while you relax inside. It's like having your own personal oasis, wheels and all.


As we gear up for the warmer months, let's revel in the nomadic spirit that drives us to chase the weather, embrace the unpredictable, and find joy in the simplest of things – like a well-maintained vehicle, a shaded spot under a tree, or the blissful coolness of a cooling blanket on a hot night.

So, fellow nomads, may your tires be ever full, your engines forever purring, and your adventures endless. Here's to a spring and summer filled with laughter, cool breezes, and the freedom that life on wheels brings. Until next time, happy trails!

three white RV parks near sea at daytime
three white RV parks near sea at daytime