Fueling Your Nomadic Journey: Gas Saving Hacks for Full-Time Explorers

In this blog, I'll share my personal gas-saving hacks, shedding light on various strategies that have not only saved me money but also enhanced my overall travel experience.


Queen Tasha

2/8/20245 min read

Fueling Your Nomadic Journey: Gas Saving Hacks for Full-Time Explorers


Embarking on a nomadic lifestyle full-time is a thrilling adventure that often involves traversing vast landscapes, from deserts to mountains, and everything in between. Amidst the excitement, one constant concern for many nomads is the cost of fuel. As someone who values the freedom of the open road and the ability to explore at will, saving on gas has become a crucial aspect of my nomadic journey. In this blog, I'll share my personal gas-saving hacks, shedding light on various strategies that have not only saved me money but also enhanced my overall travel experience.

Loyalty Pays Off: Shell Rewards and T-Mobile Tuesdays

Fueling up at Shell has become a no-brainer for me, thanks to their rewarding loyalty program. Every penny counts, and with Shell Rewards, I consistently enjoy a 5-cent discount on every gallon. However, the icing on the cake comes from an unexpected source – T-Mobile Tuesdays.

As a T-Mobile customer, I've discovered an additional goldmine of savings. Every Tuesday, T-Mobile offers discounts ranging from 5 to 20 cents per gallon at Shell stations. This extra perk has solidified my loyalty to both T-Mobile and Shell, creating a symbiotic relationship that consistently shaves dollars off my fuel expenses.

Navigating the Gas Price Maze with GasBuddy and Upside

Planning my fuel stops efficiently is crucial for a nomad like me, and two apps – GasBuddy and Upside – have proven invaluable in this regard. GasBuddy not only locates the cheapest gas prices along my route but also offers cashback deals.

Upside takes it a step further by providing cashback on gas purchases. During my long trips from Florida to New York, I managed to pocket $25-30 in cashback through Upside. For a nomad constantly on the move, these apps have become indispensable money-saving tools.

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Supermarket Rewards and Gas Stations: Kroger and Walmart

Another money-saving strategy in my arsenal involves grocery store rewards. Kroger, in particular, stands out for its consistently competitive fuel prices. By leveraging Kroger's rewards program, I not only save on groceries but also enjoy discounts at the pump.

Walmart gas stations also play a key role in my gas-saving playbook. Typically offering lower prices than standalone gas stations, filling up at a Walmart before overnighting there has become a routine for me. It's a simple yet effective way to stretch my fuel budget.

Overnight Pit Stops and Rewards: Loves Travel Stops

Love's Travel Stops is a nomad's haven, and their rewards program is a game-changer. Utilizing the Love's app, I receive a solid 10-cent discount on fuel purchases. These travel stops are not only convenient for overnight stays but also offer amenities like dog parks and ample parking for large RVs.

Some Love's locations now feature RV plug-in sites and dump stations, catering to the needs of nomads with larger vehicles. The symbiotic relationship between a nomad and Loves Travel Stops goes beyond just fuel savings, making it a preferred pit stop on my journeys.

Exploring Uncharted Territory: Other Gas Station Rewards

While my loyalty lies with Shell and Loves, I've experimented with other gas station rewards programs. Many major chains offer their own loyalty programs, allowing customers to accumulate points or discounts with each purchase. Linking your bank account to some discount gas cards can be a lucrative strategy if you frequently patronize the same gas station.

Gas Credit Cards and Beyond: More Hacks I've Explored

Gas credit cards and various credits tied to fuel purchases have been on my radar, although I haven't fully embraced them. Some credit cards offer cashback or credit specifically for fuel expenses, providing an additional layer of savings. For nomads who frequent the same gas station for convenience, these options might be worth exploring.

The Need for Speed: Driving Habits for Optimal Fuel Efficiency

Beyond loyalty programs and discounts, your driving habits play a crucial role in fuel efficiency. Maintaining a speed between 55-65 mph is widely considered the sweet spot for saving gas. Cruise control, if available, becomes your best friend on the highway, ensuring a consistent speed and optimal fuel consumption.

Navigating Terrain: Accounting for Mountains in Your Route

For nomads traversing diverse landscapes, especially those with mountains, accounting for terrain is essential. When fueling up, it's important to consider the challenges posed by inclines and declines. I turn to Roadtripper to calculate my gas expenses for long trips, adjusting settings to input my vehicle's mpg.

When I anticipate mountainous terrain, I proactively lower my expected mpg in Roadtripper. This adjustment provides a more accurate gas calculation, helping me plan my fuel stops strategically. Additionally, when faced with mountains, I adopt a mindful driving approach – shifting down, avoiding constant braking, and taking the ascent and descending slowly. These practices may seem minor, but they can significantly impact fuel efficiency in challenging terrains.

Sharing the Road: Diesel Vehicles and Their Advantage

For nomads considering a switch to a diesel vehicle, there's a notable advantage in terms of fuel efficiency. Diesel engines typically provide better mileage, making them a cost-effective choice for those covering extensive distances. While the initial investment may be higher, the long-term savings in fuel costs can outweigh the upfront expense.

Community Wisdom: Gas-Saving Hacks I Haven't Explored

In the nomadic community, the exchange of tips and tricks is invaluable. While I've covered the hacks that have become staples in my journey, there are undoubtedly other gems out there. I invite fellow nomads to share their gas-saving hacks in the comments, creating a collaborative space for wisdom and insight.


As a full-time nomad, mastering the art of gas-saving is not just a financial strategy – it's a way of life. From loyalty programs and cashback apps to driving habits and terrain considerations, every aspect plays a role in optimizing fuel efficiency. By sharing my personal gas-saving hacks, I hope to empower fellow nomads with the knowledge to make their journeys not only memorable but also economically sustainable. So, buckle up, fellow wanderers, and let's continue navigating the open road with savvy fuel-saving techniques. Safe travels!

person holding black corded device
person holding black corded device
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low angle photography of Shell gas station at night
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white van on road near mountain during daytime